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Genealogical research in Russia and neighboring regions

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Caucasus, Central Asia
Private services — assistance with detecting ancestors and compiling a genealogical tree
Genealogy in Russia is gaining momentum, so this is good news for those who are interested in documents regarding their genealogy in Russia, no matter where their descendants are now. However, the level of digitization of even basic genealogical documents in the Russian archives leaves much to be desired and is unlikely to significantly improve in the near future.

The good news is that the genealogical community in our country is active and professional. Even though without knowledge of the language it is difficult to find a genealogist in the correct genealogy archive, you can be sure that the professional genealogists are there.

My approach consists of a comprehensive study of your family in Russia and the surrounding regions on my own and then with the help of my colleagues that live there. The work is being done in steps (one large task is broken down into more comfortable, small parts of work). You pay for each part separately after setting the goal.

No question is left unanswered, and no attempt to find your ancestors is left without feasible help.

I will be glad to assist you in your search!
  • Research in the archives of Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Research in the regional, departmental, and federal archives
  • Drawing a complete family tree based on the documents available in Russia and the CIS
  • Related genealogical services

Regions of work: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Caucasus, Central Asia
Phone / Viber / Telegram / WUp: +7 (965) 193-75-83
Skype: mbrizhatova

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